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High Frequency Words

We have learned 170  high frequency words so far this year.  The words we are learning this week are: always, arms, body, eight, seven, ready, and warm.  Here is a list of all the words we have been learning since the beginning of school:  a, are, any, away, again, afraid, all, about, also, and, brown, by, both, build, blue, been, bear, because, could, car, come, call, color, children, climb, do, down, does, draw, eat, every, evening, far, friend, first, funny, family, find, five, found, follow, four, for, father, forest, fly, green, girl, go, give, goes, grow, good, gone, hard, her, here, hurt, have, hear, he, house, hold, hungry, how, happy, in, I, idea, is, jump, live, look, light, like, learn, little, long, love, me, my, many, mother, morning, more, most, not, near, never, old, on, one, other, once, of, own, or, out, our, over, pull, paper, picture, people, play, piece, part, right, read, room, start, show, shout, small, so, soon, said, see, some, shall, shoe, she, sing, try, to, three, today, teacher, the, two, their, too, they, through, turn, these, tiny, tall, upon, under, very, walk, want, water, we, where, would, who, why, wear, was, what, write, world, , your, you.

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Spring Break is 4/4/11 - 4/8/11

Please remember that we will not have school over Spring Break.  Read with your child for at least 30 minutes every day!  Make sure your child practices their high frequency words.  Write at least one story a day.  Have a good vacation :)

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